Freedom Comfort Bridle


Freedom Comfort Bridle

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This Anatomic bridle has been designed to fit your horses shape perfectly taking pressure off the sensitive nerve endings on the cheeks and poll. This is achieved with a unique shaped noseband that allows freedom for the cheekbones and sensitive nerve endings. New for 2018 is a removeable flash. The Freedom headpiece is designed to alleviate pressure from the nerve sensitive poll area and also through a cut away around the base of the sensitive ears. The headpiece is further enhanced by the throat lash sitting free to relieve pressure under the jaw and keep the bridle in a more natural position. The bridle is set off with a beautiful dipped browband that is slightly over sized to further relieve pressure.

“After much research into the anatomy of the horses head, I was convinced there must be a better affordable bridle available. It needed to have plenty of room around the ears at both the back and around the sides and front. Also it was important that the noseband didn’t put pressure on the facial nerves. I saw the Freedom comfort bridle and ordered one. The 1st thing I noticed was she was softer in the neck in front of the withers. I then realised she could now flex behind the ears. The biggest difference however, was that she had much more swing over her back, better balance and better cadence. In canter she could take a longer step between her hind legs, enabling her to cover more ground. She is also throwing an extra agent bascule over her fences having been a little quick prior to changing the bridle.  I have found this with 2 horses. A third was more forward and the 4th was softer in her back in canter.  I feel this bridle has enabled my horses to use their bodies correctly”. – Natasha Halliday, Equine Osteopath.

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